Project Overview

PHASE 1: Homeowner Information Verification and Pre-constructions Meetings
  • Homeowner Information Verification: CMP will contact all homeowners through multiple means (phone calls, emails, etc.) to verify and/or update contact information as provided by Harbor Club Management.  CMP will also take this opportunity to introduce our firm. Please note that these calls are designed to verify contact information. Project details and questions will not be part of this process.
  • Custom Unit Meetings: In-unit walk-through with owners of units with custom finishes. This walk through is required to re-affirm the existing custom finishes. Each walk through will be strategically scheduled in unison with the project schedule to allow for the procurement of materials in a timely manner.
  • Pre-constructions Meetings: As CMP progresses through the construction process, pre-construction meetings will be scheduled with each owner. These one-on-one pre-construction meetings are designed to provide project specific details relating to the plumbing repairs within each residential unit and anticipated schedules.
PHASE 2: Installation of New Domestic Mains
  • As crews begin the domestic phase of the project, new stainless-steel mains beginning at the booster bumps (located within the basement of the West Tower) to the top of each tower will be installed within the common hallways. New recirculation lines, heat exchanges, and recirculation pumps will also be installed.
  • CMP will complete work within the West Tower prior to transitioning to the East Tower. Once the West Tower core is completed, work will transition to the West Tower units. Simultaneously, a separate team will begin the East Tower mains. It is important to note, these areas will remain unfinished for an extended period of time. The restoration schedule will be dependent on the ability for the building’s elevators handle additional crew members and operate efficiently within the tower.
  • Crews will be working full days Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am – 5:00pm daily.
* IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to the complexity of logistics and required modifications, the following phases (3 & 4) will not occur simultaneously within each unit.
PHASE 3: In-Unit Residential Re-Pipe (Cast Iron)
  • The kitchen cast iron is at the end of its useful life. Based on destructive testing completed during the last several years, results have concluded this pipe is highly impacted. During the active re-pipe project, the use of each unit’s kitchen area will be restricted to residents while repairs are being conducted.

  • Drywall within each kitchen will be removed during cast iron replacement. Once completed, a temporary cover will be installed and remain until all domestic line work within the tower is completed. Progressing in this fashion will leave units “unfinished” for a substantial amount of time.

PHASE 4: In-Unit Residential Re-Pipe (Domestic)
  • Upon completion of the mains, CMP will begin full re-pipe of the domestic system. This portion of the project will be split into seven (7) zones.
  • Re-pipe work will begin at the base of each building and progress throughout each zone. Crews will complete one (1) stack located in each zone, advancing up the building to each subsequent zone. It is important to note, during this phase units will be returned to their original condition. Units with custom finishes will see a “finish crew” arrive at completion, avoiding any delay/progress on the full re-pipe. 
PHASE 5: Main Cast Iron Replacement
  • This phase includes the replacement of sewer mains located within the commercial space and 2nd floor.
  • Work within this space will be conducted after hours and require coordination with commercial ownership. Repairs in this location, some occurring during the evening hours, will require water restrictions to be in effect throughout the property.
  • Water restrictions will include laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. The type/location of restrictions will be dependent upon the fixtures associated with the service line being replaced.