Bayside Homeowners Association

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    First Service Residential
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    May 2020 – March 2023

Bayside Owners Association, professionally managed by First Service Residential, contacted CMP to serve as the General Contractor for repairs emanating from the building defect case against the developer. Repairs focused on the building’s plumbing system, life safety/fire system, glazing system, and waterproofing.

CMP completed a full assessment and evaluation of conditions of the building discovered during the construction litigation case. In collaboration with management, engineering, counsel and experts for the litigation case, CMP reviewed all documents and existing conditions including but not limited to all existing plans, building specifications, maintenance records and historical data. A review of the anticipated scope of work provided by the board, management and counsel was completed. Upon receipt of the approved scope of work, CMP identified engineering and architectural firms qualified to present proposals for services. Upon completion of project plans by the required architectural and engineering entities, CMP created a Request for Proposal (RFP’s) for the entire scope of work.

CMP then initiated the start of the 3-year project replacing over 60,000 sqft of glass, full cast-iron re-pipe of one 36-floor stack along with the installation of cleanouts throughout the entire kitchen and laundry plumbing system, and a full exterior repaint of the entire 36 story high-rise.