Park Laurel Owners Association

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    Action Property Management
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    May 2020 – October 2020

Park Laurel Owners Association, professionally managed by Action Property Management, contacted CMP to investigate multiple water intrusion areas located at window walls and decks that occur during of wind-driven rain. With the support of the Board and Management, CMP initiated visual inspections that required full protection of several occupied suites in order to remove drywall to explore intrusion locations. After inspections were completed, CMP was able to identify water intrusion areas that required water testing in order to determine how the water intrusion was taking place.

From there, CMP worked in conjunction with Management to implement a series of water tests. The window walls were water tested by way of swing stage from the exterior of the building using a pressurized water rack system. The decks were tested by flooding specific areas. This was tedious work, as CMP needed to engineer a dam system to ensure that water did not breach the residential units. As a result of the water testing, CMP was able to determine where and how the leaks were occurring, and was able to provided a tailored repair recommendation which included caulking exterior joints to resolve the water intrusion.