Project Overview

As a homeowner, Cornerstone Managing Partners wants to ensure you are informed and understand the full scope of work taking place in your Home, in the case of this project, your garage.

What to Expect

Our Communication, Notices, and Pre and Post Construction Requirements

1-2 Weeks Prior to Construction in Your Garage

Your Project Manager will reach out to schedule your Pre-Construction Meeting to review the upcoming construction and for our team to photo document your garage.  This meeting will take approximately one hour. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure you understand the scope of work and have any questions answered. In addition, our goal is to ensure your garage is left in the current or better condition upon the completion of the repair.

Construction in Your Home

Construction in your Garage will take 2 business days, from 8am to 5pm.  Please see the section below “Construction in Your Garage” for details on the work that will be performed during this time.

Completion of Construction + Final Meeting

After construction in your Garage is complete, your Project Manager will notify you by email and request a second meeting to complete our final photo documentation, and address any questions you may have.

Construction in Your Garage

Click Each Area of Construction for More Details – This is a Sample of Construction Areas

Our team will be installing a system that filters all the water entering into your garage.  Currently, the water system that has been installed is allowing sediment from the city water to collect in your plumbing fixtures.  The repair recommendation of your engineer is to install a filter to eliminate future sediment into your system.

The image displays the location our team will be working in, to install the filter for the potable water for your home.  This is located inside your garage.

Upon completion of the installation of the filter, a small drain will be added to go to the exterior of your home to drain the filter.

All owners have the option for $636 to replace their PRV (pressure relief valve). This work is not in the HOA’s scope, but was asked to be provided to the homeowners as an add option for those that would like it completed while our team is on site. This does not have to be decided until you are contacted to schedule the work.

Home Preparation

Policies and Relocation of Items during Construction in Your Garage

Pet Policy

Unaccompanied pets need to be removed while construction is occurring inside the garage.  Please ensure no pets are left unattended in the garage while work is being completed.

Child Policy

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the garage during construction.

Remove ALL Items from the Following Areas:

  • The Path of Travel
  • Relocate all items around your water filtration system prior to your scheduled date of installation.

**Please note, if you do not have the ability or desire to relocate your belongings, please let Matt Stephens know. CMP can provide relocation options at an additional cost to the homeowner.

Your  Construction Team

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to contact our Team at, or by phone at (619) 507-9466.  If we have an office onsite, we will also include our office hours here for residents to stop by and meet with our team.