Project Overview

Cornerstone Managing Partners alongside Craig Consulting (Architect) completed a full, 100% property audit to assess both Village 2 and Village 3.  This audit focused on all necessary deck, stair, and patio repairs required by California Senate Bill 326. Passed in 2019, SB 326 requires inspection of all exterior elevated elements and waterproofing systems to ensure their safety and structural integrity. The exterior elevated elements or EEE covered in this inspection specifically focus on balconies, decks, walkways, stairways, railings, and entry structures more that 6 feet off the ground.

This project has a planned timeframe of 10 months and will impact Villages II and III due to the EEE associated with each village’s floor plans. Repairs per unit will be unique and are determined by the outcome of the architect’s assessment. As a resident, Cornerstone Managing Partners wants to ensure you are informed and understand the full scope of work taking place over the next 10 months. After reviewing the scope of work, we encourage you to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

PROJECT INFORMATION PACKET: For a copy of the Homeowner Pre-Construction Meeting Information Packet, please click here.


RAILINGS – Decks and Stairs

During the audit, multiple existing elevated decks and stairs were found to have decaying and/or deteriorated guard and handrails.  All decaying and/or deteriorated components will be replaced with “like-in-kind” materials except where this approach may need to be enhanced to meet current requirements, industry standards, workmanship inadequacies, and/or Architect’s recommendations.


Existing second story decks have topical pedestrian top coating systems in various conditions. Some conditions observed are de-lamination, surface cracking, blistering, damage from use, and possible substrate damage. Where existing deck coatings have minor damage/deterioration limited to a small area(s), repairs to the existing system should be possible. Existing deck coatings may be renewed by the application of a new recoat system, typically consisting of primer over prepped deck surface followed by one or two topcoats. More extensive repairs will consist of grinding down existing coatings followed by installation of a new deck coating system. If the decking system is beyond repair it will be completely removed and replaced from the substrate up.

STRUCTURAL WOOD REPAIRS – Posts, Beams, Stringers

During inspection, multiple locations with structural or load bearing wood were found to be deteriorating and rotting. These areas must be shored and replaced in a timely manner to limit their impact on residents’ accessibility. If repairs are not able to be completed the same day, safe temporary access will be installed to facilitate traffic as needed. Pressure treated wood options will be used as needed to ensure the quality and longevity of the repaired components.

Wood Trims, sidings metals and sealants will be replaced as required with the repairs in their correlating areas. Installation of such items will be done based on manufacture specifications and guideline to maximize product performance and lifespan.

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to contact Erika Taylor, Operations Manager at, or by phone at (310) 701-4754.