Why It’s Smart to Hire a Construction Management Company

You are about to embark on, what appears to be, a rather simple project. Rather than hiring a construction management company, you decide to roll up your sleeves and manage the project yourself. However, as most things in life, the deeper you get into the project the more complex it becomes. Construction projects are oftentimes complex and dynamic with obstacles along the way. Everything from inefficiency of a team to disasters behind the walls are all possibilities that will result in extended timelines, increased costs and, in some cases, potential lawsuits.

Here are six reasons why you should hire a construction management company for your next project.

Project Scope Development

A project scope is a document that describes the proposed work that needs to be done throughout the length of the project. This is designed to inform the client what needs to be completed and where to begin. This is the first step in all construction projects and includes things such as blueprints, drawings, specifications on the project, and proposed budget. This ensures that both parties are aware of what needs to be done to complete the project at hand.

Schedule Development and Management

Having an effective plan or schedule in place from the beginning is key to success of a project. Staying on track is where most projects, especially large ones, are likely to fail. Construction management companies will prepare a schedule in advance to ensure efficiency and productivity. Once the schedule is created and work begins, the construction manager will ensure everything is going at the pace it should and intervene if there are any delays.

Insurance Management

There are several different types of insurance that protect property owners, developers and contractors throughout the various phases of a construction project. There is not a “one size fits all” and projects often require more than one type of policy. Many factors dictate the type of coverage needed and construction management companies are well-versed in the various different insurance policies and can ensure proper coverage at all stages of the project.

Billing Documentation Management

Documentation management is essential to a smooth project, especially when it comes to billing. There is nothing worse than a “surprise invoice” that is more than you had budgeted for, or contractors not showing up because the foreman was not paid. Managing these documents can be time consuming and cumbersome. Construction management companies handle all billing of contractors, architects, designers and all other parties involved in a project. By removing this task from the client, they can ensure the success of a project, and intervene to avoid any surprises when payment time comes.

Client Communication

At the end of the day, it does not matter how good someone is at their job if they do not know how to effectively communicate. Clients are often anxious to know updates on the project and, because of COVID-19, are often unable to visit the site themselves. Construction management companies serve as the eyes and ears throughout the project and are there to act in their clients’ best interest. Technology allows for everything from real-time video walkthroughs to photos as things progress. This will also give the client the opportunity to speak up about something before things progress too far.

Close Out Package

Congratulations, the project is officially complete! One of the last steps for a construction management company is to collect all final project documents/deliverables into a package and present to the client. This package contains information including client notes, documentation of any agreed changes in the scope of work, proof of all inspections and passing of codes, and information on all work that was completed throughout the project allowing for complete transparency. A figurative “tossing of the keys”, this is often how most companies are remembered.

Before you start your next construction project, consider hiring a construction management company. This team of individuals provides oversight and clean execution of the most complex projects with the least amount of hassle for building managers and HOAs. Construction managers lead and execute each detail and are hands-on, walking the job site daily and communicating the progress. These experts have your best interest in mind and will ensure you get the best possible outcome.