Team Member Spotlight – Ian Redford

One of the burgeoning members of our team here at Cornerstone is Ian, our Project Foreman currently assigned to our reconstruction project at Bayside at the Embarcadero in San Diego. Originally from North San Diego County, Ian spent a significant amount of time in Scottsdale, Arizona working as an aviation line service technician before returning to Southern California. According to Ian, the shift in roles has provided both familiar similarities along with new challenges.  Perhaps the biggest difference is the multitude of daily items involved in this reconstruction project compared to day-to-day tasks within the aviation industry. “There weren’t many surprises working in aviation. Once you’ve learned each set skill, it’s like rinse and repeat over and over again. In construction and my current role, multiple decisions are made throughout the day. There’s much more to process within an active project,” Redford shared.

With this unique viewpoint, we asked Ian if there was anything specific about construction which stood out to him? Anything that he is particularly fond of?  Ian stated his favorite part is “the satisfaction of a job nearing completion. When I approach the job site, I see portions of the project that have been completed and think, ‘I had something to do with that’. That’s a good feeling.”

As an employee of a young and growing company, Ian “appreciates the autonomy, the upward mobility available to him, and our team dynamic.” Upward mobility is especially important due to Ian’s goal of moving into an Operations and/or Superintendent position within the industry. We love seeing members of our team take on new challenges and continue growing within their position!

March 28th, 2022