Decommissioning the Heliport and Installing Swing Stages – Part 6

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When one thinks of installing BMU”s/Swing Stage on (2) 42 – story luxury hi-rise towers, you think of logistics, structural, engineering, and waterproofing.  Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing were the last thing that came to our minds, but it did not take long before we woke up and started to work through the process of making it all work.  That’s were Scott Friesen, Ivey Engineering and Jenny Oechel, MPE Consulting came to the rescue.

Our upcoming project at The Harbor Club to decommission and remove the existing helipads on both the East and West Towers, in order to facilitate the installation of a new BMU (Building Maintenance Unit or Swing Stage … used to clean glass), was progressing well. But now, it was time to consider electrical, mechanical and plumbing.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Scott and Jenny on several projects and all I can say that if you need the “best of the best,” you cannot go wrong with Scott and Jenny.  With the magnitude, scale and scope of this project, it’s amazing just how many little things can slip through the cracks but not with Scott and Jenny.

Finding power sufficient to run the BMU’s/Swing stages on (2) 42-story luxury hi-rise towers, was no small task.  But thanks to Jenny’s quick thinking, we were able to source the power required without running home-runs down the twin 400′ hi-rise towers, saving the HOA tens of thousands of dollars.  As for Scott, the installation of the structural members requires modifications to existing ventilation systems, ducting, plumbing, etc.  Again, “no problem.”

The cohesive efforts by Scott and Jenny took the entirety of the issues raised by Structural and Architectural and simply made them go away!!!

Thank you to both Scott and Jenny and their teams at Ivey Engineering and MPE Consulting Engineers!!! You make potential problems disappear.

P.S.  On August 31, 2108, complete architectural, structural, MP&E drawings were submitted to the City of San Diego. All goes well, we will have final approval in 2 months. In the meantime, we will regale you with how this project all came together.

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