Decommissioning the Helipad at North Harbor – Announcement

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We are super excited to announce our upcoming project! A first in San Diego, we were hired by the Board of Directors of The Harbor Club to obtain approval to decommission and remove the existing helipads on both the East and West Towers, in order to facilitate the installation of a new BMU (Building Maintenance Unit or Swing Stage … used to clean glass). Our first call came in December 2016 asking us to assist Management and the Board of Directors of the San Diego Harbor Club.

We currently have received preliminary approvals from both building and fire. Today, Cornerstone Managing Partners and it’s team of experts submitted full and complete architectural, structural, MP&E drawings to the City of San Diego. All goes well, we will have final approval in 2 months. This is the first project of this type in San Diego, so we are very proud to be part of it.

We will keep you posted.

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