Decommissioning the Helipad at North Harbor – Part 4

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Continuing with the backstory of our upcoming project at The Harbor Club! We are decommissioning and removing the existing helipads on both the East and West Towers, in order to facilitate the installation of a new BMU (Building Maintenance Unit or Swing Stage … used to clean glass).

Looking back, obtaining the preliminary approvals was daunting at the time, but landing a 50,000 lb BMU on top of 42-story towers, each system with articulating booms extending over 100 LF providing 360 access to the entirety of the 42 story luxury hi-rise structures, created a whole other level of challenges and anxieties for all to process.

Jeremy Callister and Hannah Johnson of Degenkolb to the rescue!  I still remember my first meeting with Jeremy, after carefully listening to my story… the challenges… and, a little “whining”… his answer was simple. “No problem. I think we can do it and are up the challenge”.

After the initial studies were completed, working closely with Olympique including 14 design changes to the originally designed BMU, a final concept was submitted to City of San Diego team: Ali Fattah, Senior Research Engineering Department and Oscar Iniquez, Senior Structural Engineer Building Department. A final concept was completed, reviewed and set in motion – now the hard work begins – making it all work.

Jeremy and Hannah were up to the challenge and within 60-days of the initial approval of the concept, 100% complete structural documents were ready to submit to the City of San Diego Building Department.  If you are reading this, you are most likely in the industry and you can just imagine the measure of accomplishment this represented.

Since meeting Jeremy and Hannah, we have had the great pleasure of involving Degenkolb in more of our projects.

Thank you – Jeremy, Hannah and the entire team at Degenkolb.

P.S.  On August 31, 2108, complete architectural, structural, MP&E drawings were submitted to the City of San Diego. All goes well, we will have final approval in 2-3 months.

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