Decommissioning the Helipad at North Harbor – Part 5

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Our upcoming project at The Harbor Club includes decommissioning and removing the existing helipads on both the East and West Towers, in order to facilitate the installation of a new BMU (Building Maintenance Unit or Swing Stage … used to clean glass).

Our next major player to enter this project was Whitmore Architects. I have had the pleasure of working with Doug and his team at Whitmore Architects in the past and know their work. So, when it came time to source an Architect for the Harbor Club project, Doug was at the top of the list. Although clearly a challenge, it was completely in Whitmore Architects wheelhouse. Pulling together all that is required for a “normal” off-the-shelf project is one thing, but it’s quite another thing when you are removing close to 90,000 lbs of concrete and steel on (2) 42 story luxury hi-rises in downtown San Diego.

And then of course, landing (2) 50,000 lb BMU’s/swing stages on top of the (2) 42 story luxury hi-rises downtown San Diego only adds to the complexity of the project. Doug Whitmore, Kersten Gemballa, Scott Smith and Patricia Weiss were all ready and willing to make this happen.

The installation of the new BMU/Swing Stage systems will not only solve the issues with cleaning the glass throughout the entirety of the hi-rise, it will also solve all the Life Safety concerns raised by OSHA. Pulling together the documents, details and specifications required could only happen with a team of individuals who understood the complexities and idiosyncrasies of a project this size.

Personally, I believe the plans are a work of art… as you turn the pages the story unfolds before your eyes. It’s beautiful and we are so grateful for the efforts extended by everyone at Whitmore Architects. Not only have we had the pleasure of working with Whitmore on the Harbor Club twin towers, we are now working with Whitmore on several other projects at Cornerstone Managing Partners.

P.S. On August 31, 2108, complete architectural, structural, MP&E drawings were submitted to the City of San Diego. All goes well, we will have final approval in 2-3 months.

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