Azzurra’s Lobby & Community Center Remodel Presentation

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Last week, we had the pleasure of participating in a dynamic town hall presenting new design concepts to the Board of Directors and residents at Azurra Condos in Marina Del Rey for the proposed remodel of the lobby and 2nd floor community center.  Design concepts were by Linus Hart and Sarah Hall of Ideate Design Building and Bailey Bishop, with her design assistant, Sally Rodrigues of Bailey Bishop Design.  The concepts detailed the remodeled floor plans, elevations, and preliminary finishes along with concept boards to capture the tone of the new lobby and community center.

After several months of working on this project, it was gratifying to see the fruition of hours of hard work and back-and-forth negotiations to bring this presentation together.  The design concepts were well received by the community, and we’re excited to move forward with the remodel.  Congratulations to the entire team who made this possible, and the community at Azzurra Condos for your participation throughout this process and for your excitement in bringing this concept to completion.

We would also like to thank Jesse Hailey of Howards Rug, Bryan Rozok and Kim Erlenwein from Pilot, and Chris Swanson from WICR for jumping in at the last moment in helping us work with Azzurra Management on the outdoor workout area.  This was truly a last minute request and everyone jumped through the preverbal hoop to make it all happen.  Thank you!

Lastly, we would all like to thank the BOD for your continued support of Cornerstone Managing Partners throughout this entire process and of course Dave Hansen, General Manager, and Sharon Lahpai, Assistant General Manager, for pulling this together and for always being so accommodating.  We all have a long road ahead of us in completing this project, but it’s nice to see some light and we are all collectively looking forward to the reality of a newly renovated Lobby & Community Center at Azzurra in Marina del Rey!