Accommodating Commercial Clients

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Many of our construction management projects here at Cornerstone, are working in occupied spaces – from commercial suites to high rise residential buildings.  On a current project in Downtown San Diego, our challenge is to not interrupt business for commercial tenants between normal business hours – 8am to 6pm daily.  To reduce the impact, our team works night beginning at 9pm each evening and wrapping up by 7am the next day.  In addition, we work hard to limit the scaffolding, and remaining protection while our team is not working and business is resuming as usual.

Every night our team lays ram board, installs clean scaffolding, and handles all materials with care ensuring the walls, desks, computers and more all remain protected.  All non-construction areas are covered with plastic, and scrubbers are used to pull dust from the air in the commercial suite.  Once our team finishes, we remove all protection and scaffolding that impacts customers and clean the area.

Our goal is to leave the space better than when we arrived and to create an environment that allows businesses to resume work as usual, and not be impacted by the work that takes place while they’re sleeping.

How do you accommodate your clients with unique needs?