Project Updates

Communicating the project status with all homeowners is a priority for Cornerstone Managing Partners. This page will be updated every two weeks providing an update on the status of the project(s). If you have questions on the project status, we encourage you to call our office at (619) 507-9466 or send an email to our Communications Manager, Kristi Brooks at

October Updates

October 10th – Project Update – HVAC Inspections Next Week & Hard Pack of Elevator 2

October 8th – Project Update – Delay to In-Suite Construction

October 4th – Project Update – HVAC Shut Off, In-Suite Construction Overview & Elevator Impacts Next Week

September Updates

September 27th – Project Update – Updated In-Suite Schedule, and Water Usage Restrictions Have Ended

September 26 – Water Restriction Start is Delayed to 1am

September 20th – Project Update – Water Restrictions and Upcoming Construction Schedule

September 13th – Project Update – Water Restrictions Begin on Monday & In-Suite Construction Schedule

September 6th – Project Update – Upcoming In-Suite Construction & Water Restrictions

August Updates

August 30th – Town Hall Video

August 28th – Town Hall Package

August 27th – Town Hall Reminder

August 23 – Project Update -Tower Schedule Released, Water Restrictions & Town Hall 

August 20 – Project Update – Construction Tomorrow

August 16, 2019 – Legend Tower Schedule

August 16, 2019 – Project Update – Tower Schedule Released, Water Restrictions, Heat Exchanger Updates & Town Hall

August 13th – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Installation & Project Phase Complete

August 9th – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Installation Update

August 9th – Project Update – Water Usage Restrictions, Heat Exchanger Repairs & RSVP for the Town Hall

August 7th – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Installation Current Status Part 2

August 7th – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Installation Current Status

August 2nd – Project Update – Water Usage Restrictions Begin Sunday & RSVP for the Town Hall

August 2nd – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Schedule & Post Construction Documentation

July Updates

July 30th – Water Usage Restriction, Corrected Time

July 26th – Project Update – Town Hall, Commercial Walk, Parking Relocations & Impacts for Next Week

July 26th – Townhome Project Update – Post-Construction Documentation, Door Schedule & Water Usage Restrictions

July 23rd – Townhome Project Update – Front Door Schedule & Water Usage Restrictions

July 19th – Project Update – Town Hall, Commercial Construction Update & Impact to Residents Update.docx

July 19th – Townhome Project Update – Commercial Construction & Water Usage Restrictions

July 16th – Townhome Project Update – Coring Tonight and an Update on Water Usage Restrictions

July 12th – Townhome Project Update – Project Status, Coring on Sunday Evening, and Water Usage Restrictions

July 12th – Project Update – Commercial Construction Update, Project Updates & No HVAC Impact Next Week

July 9th – Townhome Project Update – Coring, Plumbing Impacts & Current Project Status

July 3rd – Project Update – Parking Relocations, Commercial Construction Update, Upcoming Impacts and Holiday Weekend

July 2nd – Townhome Project Update

June Updates

June 28th – Project Update – Water Shut Off, Parking Relocations, Schedule Updates, and Holiday Next Week

June 28th – Townhome Project Update

June 24th – Water Shut Off Schedule Update

June 21st – Project Update – Post-Documentation, Water Shut Off & Construction Schedule

June 21st – Townhome Project Update – Updated Schedule & Shut Off Valves begin on June 26th

June 18th – Townhome Project Update – Paint Update

June 18th – Water Shut Off & Suite Entry

June 14th – Project Update – Shut Off Valve Update & Water Shut Off Schedule

June 12th – Friendly Reminder about Suite Entry

June 11th – Townhome Project Update – Updated Schedule & Current Progress

June 7th – Project Update – Townhome Eyebrows & Parking are Complete, Shut Off Valves & Townhome Reconstruction Start Monday

May Updates

May 31st – Project Update – Bike Room, Inspections Next Week & Shut Off Valves Replacement Schedule

May 31st – Townhome Project Update – Phase 1 Status & Entering Suites Next Week

May 29th – Townhome Project Update – Update on Entering Suites

May 28th – Townhome Project Update

May 24th – Project Update – Shut Off Valve Replacements, Parking Relocations & Water Restriction

May 21st – Townhome Reconstruction Weather Delay

May 17th – Townhome Reconstruction Starts Monday

May 17th – Project Update – Domestic Work, Townhomes & Pipe Deliveries Next Week

May 10th – Project Update – Project Schedule, Pipe Delivery, New Parking Garage Heights & Scaffolding on P1

May 7th – Truck Deliveries

May 3rd- Project Update – Water Usage Restrictions & Impacted Pipe

May 3rd – Townhome Reconstruction – Schedule & Scope of Work

May 2nd – Water Restrictions and Pipe Delivery

April Updates

April 26th – Truck Delivery

April 24th – Truck Delivery

April 23rd – Schedule Update + Ramp Reconstruction

April 19th – Reconstruction in Your Townhome

April 17th – Project Update, Project Schedule Update, Smells & Handicap Parking

April 15th – Truck Delivery on Wednesday, April 17th

April 12th – Project Update, Night Work is Complete & Water Usage Restrictions

April 10th – Truck Delivery on Monday, April 15th

April 5th – Schedule Update, Night Work & Water Usage Restrictions

April 1st – Project Update & Pipe Delivery

March Updates

March 27th – Pipe Deliveries on Friday & Monday from 9am-1pm

March 20th – Parking Schedule Update, Night Work, Noise & Water Usage Restrictions

March 15th – First Week of Construction & Parking Schedule Update

March 8th – Construction Begins Monday, March 11th

March 5th – Truck Deliveries Tomorrow, March 6th

March 1st –  Reconstruction Begins March 4th

February Updates

February 22nd, 2019 – Parking, Storage + Bike Relocation Schedule

February 15th – Permits, In Suite Audits, and Resident Verification

February 15th – Audit Letter to Residents

February 4th, 2019 – Town Hall Presentation

January 31, 2019 – Town Hall Information