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Building Restoration following 14 Story Flood

A flood occurred at roof level in the mechanical room. It made it’s way into the elevator shaft and then down through the 14 story building. The upper floors sustained the most damage, but all floors sustained some amount of damage. Both elevators were affected resulting in delays in allowing residents to return to their homes. All units affected, due to Fire/Life Safety requirements, had to be restored prior to occupancy per the Fire Marshall. ServPro was called at time of flood to mitigate damage to the building, remove wet and/or damaged materials and dry-out the building.

Following these events, Cornerstone Managing Partners was contacted and brought in to represent the HOA, and the homeowners in managing the re-construction efforts. We were hired to manage the restoration of all common area repairs.

  • Client: Diamond Terrace Homeowners Association
  • Date of Flood: September 2018
  • Restoration Time Frame: September 2018 – ongoing